Forest Real Estate

take a walk in a toon forest and come across this simple animal home by the lake.

okay guys tell me what you think!!


I’d prefer an actuall sky, not a blank white.
But other then that - very nice, but not something “wow”.
I’d vote “Just ok” on this one.

I like the style of it, the lighting seems good.

But the grass looks more like fur than actual grass. Also the stones in the grass and the big tree kind of stick out too much. The stones look like they hover a little over the ground and the tree is lying instead of growing from the ground.

But for the most part I like it!

wow thanks, i can use more of this of advice, i m trying to become a better artist, so
i gonna post more of my work to see how you guys perceive it, catch ya later!

Cool, i ll revist the forest render and follow your advice!
here another one, i was feelin lazy, so i just put up a donkey and nothing else, dont worry my next render of this mule will include a cart and a sky.

anyway thanks, i can use more of your advice on this also, later!