added some cartoony clouds and fixed lighting issues

Looks good.

Nice and clean.

Make some forest creatures. :wink:

And was the cartoony clouds a backbuf image?

I like that style. It reminds me of playdough.

Add to the scene and post an update. This could be really good, in my opinion.

You need some roots.

shadow’s going the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue: , looks cool altho i think it hould be in wip.

Nice cartoony style. The background plane seems quite flat and I think it would be better if it had hills in the background. Forests also tend to have more than one tree. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Grimreaper; I wouldn’t call this finished just yet. You have a nice cartoony look to it, but it looks pretty empty… Also, I’d probably give the tree a toon shader if I were using that background; there’s a clash between styles as it is now.

Shadow is the wrong way

deheheh I’ve read “robots” instead of “roots” :smiley: was funny !