Forest | Rendered using TheBounty 2.0 for Blender v2.90 (alpha)

Hi there. As I’m interesting on development of TheBounty renderer v2.0 I’m staying on making the test scenes for testing purposes. And this one is the next one. I created this scene for testing how fast particles are export. I can say I exported 10+ mln primitives (polys) in 3minutes with my just 3Gb DDR2 800MHz RAM :fearful::fearful:, BUT in Cycles I can’t done this and crashed immidetly​:angry:. And now you thinking logical that with 8Gb + RAM it will export much faster than mine​:muscle::sunglasses:.
Short in short here Viewport solid view of the scene:

And this is the render (Overall rendertime: ~ 2hours, Integrator: DirectLight+Planne background, Trans.shadows:3, Rec.Raytracing:3, 8 AA samples with 1 pass)


Hey @odil24… thanks for testing TheBounty.
I think your scene need a bit tweaks with color management . Also you can set the gamma out TheBounty option to 1.0 instead 2.2

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