Forest River

Putting together a new scene to take a break from all of my Blade Runner/cyber punk-inspired scenes, thought I’d go back to a natural setting.

Using Graswald for a lot of the foliage. Going to attempt a FLIP Fluids water simulation for the river so it will cascade over the rocks—the blue water plane is just a placeholder right now.


Looking good so far! I really like your rocks.
Can you tell us about your volumetrics and lighting?

Thanks, Kris!

Here are some stills of the scene itself. For the volumetrics, I used a simple cube volume around the scene with a Principled volume shader, very light density. From there, I added a sun lamp and put a cookie in front of it (cucoloris). Just made a plane, subdivided, and randomly removed faces. Combining that with the sun lamp gives sharper beams of light through the volume.

I’m also using the Real Trees add-on as well as some textures from Poliigon. Working on building my own.

I really like the god rays. Thanks for sharing how you did them.

Certainly! Happy to share the technique.