Forest Scout

I put this one together fairly fast. About a week on and off for the helmet and armor. Based off some concept art my friend drew (check out his website Here). Blender and photoshop.

C&C appreciated.


Not bad, looks like a young Boba Fett

The skinny arms and ‘too clean’ armor make it look a tad cartoonish, not sure if you were going for that or not… if you were then perfect, of not it’s still pretty good.

The spec is a little much imo. But great otherwise.

Possibly the angle or the posing, but the left breastplate looks a bit higher then the right one. I’d have to agree that the spectra is a bit much. Also, I think the black subsections could use a texture, even if very minor to give it a litle more depth. Like overall color of the scout. Good job.

I have to dissagree with some of the C&C here. The spec is probably right in the ballpark for a metal armor. The non uniform shape (I assume you mapped some tex to nor) makes the armor look dented… good. The visor reflections are perfect.

You could spend more time on the model but that would be according to how much you wanted to do with it. This would be my list.

Arms are not to thin, but armpits to shoulder distance do look a bit thin

Armor is not to clean, however you could add metal look inside scratces.

the black cloth behid the armor is to consistant, it could use some cloth-ish texture to give it more reflect-shadow. (BTW kneck to helmet proportions are perfect, great job)

But really I think this would make a great game character, you should think about baking your textures and UV mapping them… :wink:

Great render and of course great PIC .
have to say that the modelling is very good.Keep on blendering… :wink: