Forest Spring

Hi there,

I’ve started to work on a project to be done with Blender, i come from 3dsmax mainly.

It’s about a forest spring, it’s a nature animation so to speak, i want to create a warm idyllic animation of a sunny day, in the forest, wind blowing etc…, near the bank of a small stream/spring. I think you get the idea of what i want to achieve.

I’ve started with the main element of the animation, the stream.

This is my first draft, i’m pretty happy with the general motion, but i want a lot more small/fine splashes in, so i upped the Particle count from 0.5 to 2.0, simming right now.

Simmed at 550 res, 2 subdivs, 0.5 particles. I wish i could put a bit more resolution, but i would need a bit more ram, my system is an I7 920 at 3.46 Ghz with 12 GB of ram, Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 2.0 (classic one).

So, for my next draft, i upped the particle count at 2.0 to get a lot more splash into the water. After that, i’ll see what needs improving with the fluid.

I intend to hide some of the model/sim problems (jaggedy fluid) with lots of vegetation/small rocks/sand on the banks. But that’s for later :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

Wow, that’s one of the most realistic fluid simulations I’ve ever seen! I can’t critique it so I’d just say put it in a scene and texture the rocks.

I agree with Owldude, that was an amazing fluid sim. A thought on speeding up your baking process would be to use non-rendered lower resolution versions of the rocks that exist only as collision objects for the fluid then you could probably lower the fluid resolution a bit too. The edges of the fluid would go through the rocks a little bit, but probably not terribly noticeable. Still the simulation wouldn’t turn out as well as what you already have, but would speed up the process a bit. Just a thought.

hi guys, thanks for the comments.

I’ve done quite a lot more tests since posting this.

First, the speed is because my Ubuntu 12.04 didn’t have the OpenMPI libraries installed, so i was simming on 1 core only. I fixed this, so times should go down, now it’s all up to my ram to handle the sims (12 GB).

second, normally, the default water is 1.000 with a 6 exponent value. I found 7 to be much better for water, because the water is less dense, it breaks much easier so more splashes are created. But, as an advice for others going for it, a lot more particles are created, even with 1 to the particle value. Probably 2-3 times more, because the fluid breaks much easier, so more fine splash gets created. So, if with 6 exponent you can sim with 400 res, with 7 go to 320-330, you will find that the extra particles really eat a lot of ram.

Also, i found some really good references on the interwebs and i found a reference that will be my aim for look and size of the small mountain river.

So, this is my update for now. I’ll probably start to model the actual river bed/surroundings these days, this was just a mockup enviroment just to see what i actually need to model to get really nice swirly movement in the river.


Here is also a small compilation with the fluid tests i did with blender in the last week, trying to understand what good water needs. I’ll post tomorrow the first version of the terrain, i’ll be waiting for your feedback :).

Thanks for sharing the info. Those tests look very nice! :slight_smile:

The water kinda stays “on” the rock on the left in the spring animation and makes the fluid look a lot thicker than water but I guess you’re aware of that. Nice work overall!

Nice work, looks very convincing. I agree with Ben though, it sometimes seems “sticky” (too dense).