Forest troll

Forest Troll. Concept by Magnus Norén:
Sculpt is done in ZBrush, textures in Mudbox. In blender i set up rig, posed it and rendered. Blender 2.73 cycles. This is my first post on this forum. I started learning 3D Art 6 months ago as self learner. Im happy with my progress, but there is much more room for improvement, and much more stuff to be learned. Learning in this business never really ends :).
Here is my scene:

Node setup for skirt with texture, alpha, specular, bump and normal map:

Connect with me if you like :):

Thanks for all the help Tomis :evilgrin: you’ve set me loose on the internet. And again, this guy is awesome, I’m always afraid to get into sculpting and things like that so you’re way better than me. How long have you been sculpting?

Hey, thanks for all the assistance earlier. And again, love this piece. I’m always afraid to sculpt and stuff so you’re definitely better than me. I would say textures need a little more work but besides that, awesome.

Tnx TianWei, glad to be of help… Im not better then anyone. Maybe i only have invested more time in sculpting. I started learning ZBrush, anatomy and sculpting 5 montha ago. Im self learner, cant aford courses. Money is comodity i dont have, but i do have other, maybe even more valuable comodity, and that is time. Dont be afraid, go there and practice. After time, you will get better and better… This piece is not perfect at all, and i have still much to learn and improve. Tnx for you comment and friendship.