i have been working on this for one week.and thats what i got so far.


Looks good so far but some closer pictures would be nice. Keep up the good work.


The Trees look great, did you see Kernon Dillions tree experiments he is currently doing. It could help:

Wow, that looks really good! Did you use a script or what?

no i made them in the edit mode myself. the textures also made in gimp 2.0

Dang! I’m completely impressed. Could we see some closer images? And maybe an image of a single tree?

update and more pictures


Wow this is fantastic! Makes me want to be in that forest.
My only crit, is that when zoomed out there is only trees on a yellow plane. Can you add some leaves. grass, pine needles/cones(i noticed u have fur trees) laying on the ground.

Add a sky, some birds maybe, or mountains in the background, ya know something besides the forest, with looks absolutely amazing!

An oasis in the middle of a desert. Do you have a little pond in the middle?

You say you want to use it in the game engine - are the render times good enough to run through it in the game engine?

That is very good.
You should add water no ? And a great sky of course!!