200.000 trees with 88.898 face = over 17 billion faces.
on my facebook page ( is a pic with 44 billion faces


Very cool man:) What was the render time and your computer spes? I’d like to go for a trillion some day hehe:P

Happy Blending!

Did you used Sapling. ? Please post the cycle material node setup

thanks. at this resolution i rendered it in 10min on am geforce gtx 570.
yes, i used sapling.

Nice, with GPU? I would assume the material for the leaves is very simple…did you include any translucency simalar to the 19 billion Face Island. I would guess that no image textures were really needed since this since it is a long camera shot. Same goes for the tunk of the tree…just diffused brown? The more complicated the texture the longer the render:)

Whats your Spec ?Will i be able to create such a scene ?My PC SPECiCore 5 32208GB RAMNvidia 610mWin 7 64 bit

there is a transparent leat texture on the leafs. i used 3 materials (3 different green of the texture) and the “random material” addon. the trunk has a texture, too. because i started with one tree. i was not my plan to make 500.000 trees :wink:

Really nice scene but IMO could use some varitey in shape color and size. :slight_smile: It’s too bad Blender can’t randomly generate every tree to be different in shape and color like Vue can from a single tree.

A work around would be to use the seed value for the sapling add-on and make 3~5 different trees quickly this way. Of course it isn’t as efficient as Vue but Blender is free so I won’t complain :wink:

CUE PIONEER is free aswell though I prefer blender does anybody know how it import stuff from vue to blender? Great picture btw!

:open_mouth: wow 32208GB of RAM that’s a lot! :wink: Might wanna add the space, had me going that you owned some sort of super computer for a sec then :smiley:

Pretty cool, although something does not feel right with the DOF. Looks miniature instead of vast… but pretty convincing otherwise.

here is a new render