Blender Internal. I hope you like it.

Really nice effect. I’m especially liking the floating bits of dust or pollen. Great outcome, and it’s good to see someone using the internal renderer.

Wow it’s gorgeous!! You did a fantastic job! Especially with the subtlety of the animation. Take long to render?

-Frobenius.Edge: Thank you very much. For me, the dust particles looks better in BI than Cycles, perhaps I don´t know make it good in Cycles. BI render is very fast, but Cycles not. I wish Cycles render more fast for can make animations with it. Thank you for your comment.

-Tim Bahrij: Thank you very much Tim. I am glad you like it. I don´t remember how many time exactly, but around eight hours. BI not admit GPU render, it is a bad thing. Thank you very much.

Top row, now!

lol Wow it’s really gorgeous, man. I love the composition, animation and everything. With a little more elbow grease it could be turned into an amazing short. Hmmm, I might even PM you about that. Cheers

This is absolutely beautiful

Looks great, nice color work! :slight_smile:

Beautifull, i like the lighting, vegetation and trees are really well done.

-Bossestrenders: Jaja, thank you very much friend for your comment. You make me happy… Thanks!

-Axelredfield: your words are also beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

-Downfall61: Thanks friend, I always appreciate your comments.

I like a lot your natural enviroments Madrid82, the light effects give a lot of peacefull on your result !
congrats and greetings :).

Me agradan bastante tus entornos naturales Madrid82, sobre todo el acabado en iluminación ¡le da mucha paz a tu resultado!
felicitaciones y saludos :).

Thanks Jose, I’m glad you like my natural environments. This work has a little composition with Blender compositor: it has a little fog with Map Value node and Defocus distortion. Thanks!

Gracias Jose. Me alegra que te gusten mis escenarios naturales. Este trabajo tiene un poco de composición con el compositor de Blender: algo de niebla con el nodo Map Value y desenfoque. Gracias!

Très réussi, goog job !

Thank you very much dohuboy!

Very beautiful.