(Brian J) #1

I hope somebody here can help me out with this.

I am using Forester2blend to place ojects in Blender based on the Forester object export text file. After selecting the object and pressing alt-p as the tutorial says, Blender makes one copy of the selected mesh at 0,0,0 and then I get the following error in the console:

Traceback <most recent call last>:
File “Forester2Blend”, line 195, in ?
TypeError: attribute-less object <assign or del>

I have renamed my objects per the tutorial and retraced my steps several times. I have even created new files with Forester and still get the same result. I am using Blender 2.23.

Thanks for any help you can give!
Brian J

(Brian J) #2

Well I think I got it figured out.

I renamed the objects according to the tutorial:

“ME:tree, OB:tree”

As I understood it, I only renamed the objects I was using the script with.

After running the script the new object placed at 0,0,0 is named “ME:tree.001 OB:Mesh” Then I get the error in my first post.

So based on that, following meshes will be named “,”.

The problem comes in when ANY other objects have the mesh data block named “Mesh(.xxx)”. So I had to change ALL the object/mesh names and then save/load the file to clear unused data blocks. After doing that I was able to run the script ONE time. If I tried it again all the previous Objects created by the script with “” would cause the script error. According to the tutorial you should be able to do one mesh after another, untill you’re done. I had to run the script in seperate files for each object to prevent the “” name issue. Then merge them into one file.

What a pain, am I doing something wrong? Is there something that can be changed in the script so the object names will be assigned “OB:tree”. “OB:tree.001” rather than changing it to “OB:Mesh” ?

Thanks for any help you can give!
Brian J