Forestry scene from prepared ply models


I am an open source developer creating geometrical tree models from real world forestry scenes. I released my noncommercial software (project homepage and would like to have a promotion video which I would also like to launch on my software`s tutorial channel.

I spent few weekends already to have hopefully decent prepared data, all of those in a common coordinate system:

  • A high resoluted point cloud with rgb color code. The cloud itself is my input data, the color code is already a feature of my software.
  • One digital terrain model, stored in ASCII - ply format.
  • 33 tree models derived of the cloud, one ply file per tree. Those are geometrical representations of the stem and branch structure of the trees. I have them in two versions: Watertight models, i.e. closed meshes and non watertight ones with small gaps between the cylinders.
  • As trees are modeled in leaveless conditions each tree has additionally stored its twigs in a second file. Those second files could hopefully be used as seeds to enrich the Blender scene with leaves.

You can get an impression of the data both from the screenshot above, or from the online renderer embedded in my projects homepage : Renderer. Please wait until everything is loaded (15-30 seconds maybe), open menu by clicking on upper left and deselect the point cloud named forest cloud to have 3d impression of my works output.


I would like to have someone who could do a 2 minute video. While the video content is obviously discussable I have a vision:

  • Show only the cloud in white color.
  • Blend in fastly the RGB code in a smooth way.
  • Blend out the cloud, and blend in terrain and trees, but firstly in gray color.
  • Switch to trees with texture of bark.
  • Enrich trees with leaves also textured.
  • Have the camera move around my scenery whole time.

I can happily give more information if needed. But for now I fear that there is already too many details. If you provide me with a blender project where I can modify the local paths I could also render the project myself if this takes too much computation power.

Kind regards