Forever (photoreal try) Update on first page !

Hi guys :slight_smile:

It’s my last finished work.

Blender 2.34 CVS, internal render, AO only.

Same with glow.

Same with DOF.

I cannot decide which is the best. Which do you prefer ?
(I hope that you will like at least one :wink: )


Here is the new render :

Same size 800x500 but in PNG format (300Ko)

double size 1600x1000 in PNG format (1,1Mo !)

Blender 2.34 CVS, internal render, AO 16, OSA 8.

thanks for your comment’s :smiley:



I really like the DOF-version. Much more realistic, and it leaves those nasty specular artifacts behind.

well it’s quit photoreal (a bit problem with osa?). but I never seen such ring design.

Good work :slight_smile: A rose could be good :wink:

Very close to photoreal indeed, I think all three are good.

The compression you used for these pictures doesn’t seem to have done them any justice at all. Could we possibly see a higher-res version? These rings appear to be a bit thick IMO.

Maybe try a lossless format, like PNG. :wink:

The original is definately the best and I agree about the problems with OSA

Try one with DOF and glow :slight_smile:

I like dof best. It removes the artefacts, and somehow makes it look more photoreal.

My second best is the original, but the glow one is horrid, IMO. You completely lose the diamond into some whitish blob.

well, depending on what kind of “feel” you are trying to accomplish… The glow makes it look like you set a slightly longer exposure time when you “took the picture.” Either way, you need to have DOF. It makes it look much more real.


I prefer the version with depth of field. I took off my ring upon viewing your thread, and placed it close to my eye, it was totally out of focus if that helps!

Maybe I’m just blind? In any case I think that will add to the realism. You nailed the sacle ratio (rings to wood texture) as well.

Very nice.


What is you recommendation to avoid OSA issues? I’ve always wondered but never truly hunted down the answer.

Remove the embedded diamond, looks like a strange rendering artifact brought about by a bad background image :S

I love the dof version though. It could use a better lighting setup, AO only isn’t very real looking, maybe an area light for directional lighting, otherwsie very nice.

Excellent work.

Try turning on the ‘full-osa’ option on the material that you used for the rings. This should get rid of the specular/reflection pixelization.


Many thanks for your comment’s, guys !

I will try to answer:

First of all, These rings are the our, to my wife and to me.

About the osa problem… i not use OSA… I use the overrendering technic. Rendering in 1600x1200 and reduced to 800x600, normally it’s the same than an OSA 5, but a little faster.
But i agree, it remained some artifact… i have to work on it and I will try also the “full-osa” option.

So, for the most of you, no glow but DOF, yes, you are right !

“rendez-vous” for the next (and last, i hope) render :wink:


PS: vincente, you knows why there is no rose :wink:

I have added the new render on first page (1600x800, AO 16, OSA 8, 5 hours).