Forget Photoshop use Paint (Mona Lisa paint)

Yep like I mentioned in the title, forget about photoshop and use Ms Paint instead.The Guy is painting Mona Lisa with Ms Paint. Outstanding work. :D:D

sick…just sick…

I never thought the spray brush tool would be that useful.

MS paint, wow, the little app that could:eek:

OK normally I just don’t post on topics like this but this is about the third time on this forum on this …
Look’ if this is supposed to be some feat because MS Paint was used to make it vs Photoshop well big donkey butt . First because this is more akin to an Elvis On Velvet painting in terms of quality then the original and secondly Da Vinci was a technological master … Oil painting and his method of layering thin washes of oil was a technological break through back in the 16th century … He would be using Photoshop and not MS Paint (most likely he would be developing Photoshop if he were alive …) …
So quit posting crappy Youtube quality videos of stuff like this … most likely the idiot who spent his time learning how to do this will wind up with a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome … unless he was smart enough to have a large tablet which I doubt . If He did some thing less presumptuous I might not have a problem but the freaking Mona Lisa ?
… Kids there is really reason why a 400 yrs dead man is still so famous …

Okay you might be right and there is no doubt that Photoshop is the more powerful tool but I think it’s still impressing what results you can achieve with MS Paint in crappy youtube vids. Besides that it seems that you are pissed because somebody ruined a Mona Lisa protrait (or at least that it isn’t acurate) but I rather doubt that anyone could do that perfectly with Photoshop too. Again, this shows that MS Paint can deliver good results even if they don’t look as good as those done with other programs

I don´t know what you are babbling, but I do know that it is very impressive to paint such a world famous drawing with crappy M$ Paint. It seems you misunderstood my statement, because to forget about photoshop and use paint instead was meant ironically.

amazing? yes.

why? who knows.

yes u can do stuff in it, but then what? u have crappy workspace and tools, and then u have crappy quality once ur done.

As usual it comes down to a debate over software… that’s just sad.
A true artist can use anything that allows for diversity in shading or color to portray an image, and obviously the artist in this example has good ability to ‘see’ shading and color (rather than just form)

excellent, and inspiring
but perhaps this belongs in off topic?

Perhaps it belongs on youtube?