Forgot Router Password...

Ok, so I know I probably should have wrote it down, but you know how it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I was trying to log into my browser based broadband router control panel but I forgot the login name and pass. So I am wondering if there is anyway I can still get in there. Is there a I way I can resest it or something? I have a Linksys router. I really doubt I am the first person to forget their password, so I am sure there is a way around it. If you guys have any suggestions, please say so.

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Yes, there is a way to reset it. I’ve done it with my linksys. If you have a manual it’ll have instructions. If you don’t have it, then you should be able to download a PDF of it…

Have you changed it? If not, then it’ll be written down in the manual, or you can grab it from the internet.


if its been changed, contact linksys support or manual. im sure they would be able to help you with it.

otherwise, it may be


If you have changed it, you can always push the reset button to return it to the defaults.

There’s a little inset button on the back of most routers. You probably need a pen to push it in. That should solve this.

The default password is probably “admin” or “linksys” depending on which make your router is.

Thanks guys. On the site it said that I can press the Reset button on the back to restore it. It said the default password was Admin. Didn’t say anything about the username though. But it is probably the same. I will see what I can do. Will my wireless go down when I reset the router? I will probably have to re-setup all the encryption settings too.


Ther eis no user, leave it blank. the pass is admin.