Forgoten Password

So I have forgotten what the password for my Gmail account is, and I just can’t remember, but Fire Fox does, I guess I got too used to “Remember Password For this Site”:o ,but now You Tube made some updates and wants the same password, and I have no idea what it is, so I was wondering if any body knows where does FF stores data like remembered passwords for web pages…
Any help would be welcomed. :o

well if we knew that, and it was readable, it would be a pretty good security hack, eh? Try alligator.

Actually clicking the icon in the address bar > More Information (security tab) > View Saved Passwords > Show Passwords should work.

just google password unmask. thre are tins of the free online

your Firefox saved passwords can be viewed by going to Preferences > Security, then click the “Saved Passwords…” button. then you will see a list of logins and there is a “Show Passwords” button.

or you could log in to gmail with firefox, then change your password.

Loopduplicate, if I try to change my password, it wants the old one :smiley:
Treatkor thanks, it’s so easy…I’ll probably won’t use auto remember in the future any more…

Thanks for the help all :smiley: