Forgotten Adventure

Hiho, that is my first picture that I would like to present here. Original it is called “Das vergessene Abenteuer”. It deals with fantasy of a playing little boy. And the fact, that we often forget what we adventured in the past and how strong our fantasy could be. It was rendered with the Blender Internal Renderer.


Love it.

A couple of crits though: the lighting is a bit hard, a small interior scene like this would have quite soft lighting and a bit of GI from light bouncing off the walls.

Also, why is the GreenMan blurry, or is it just me, and why is he green?

Review accepted. The green man shall be a monster :slight_smile:

that brings back memories of hours of playing make believe.

Something I actually try to still do, although not as easily as I did back then.

very original idea, and well executed

I like it! Very creative, and well done!

I like it but I can’t quite see what made the hole in the wall and is the cause for the smoke which needs some work in my opinion. It looks too dense and not puffy enough.
4* Stars for an original idea with some nice modelling.

Thank you for the nice coments. It’s nice that you like the intention. But I know it is not perfect. I will be better once ^^.

I like it, the idea is very solid.
The wallpaper is pretty ugly but to each his own. Keep up the good work.

The thing that threw me off is the electrical outlet immediately behind the “smoke”. My first thought was something caught fire…

I would move the outlet to the other wall (if not just delete it) and give the smoke a halo for “magical imagination”. :smiley:

Otherwise, nicely done.

Oh that’s sweet, I especially like the lighting, and the hole in wall. You could maybe subdivide it, and move it a bit so it’s not so polygonal, but I still like it.

Thank you for your nice answers.
When I have got the time I will optimize the picture a bit. Most people didn’t like the smoke :wink:

Your House looking like real wooken house. Very Good.

Really cool piece. You definitely succeeded in evoking an emotion from me - I remember playing with toys like these and diving into my own imagination. Kinda miss being able to do that so easily.

I’m really digging the textures on the wooden block toys, and the modeling is all pretty much spot-on. I’m not too crazy about the wallpaper, it’s too contrasting and kinda distracts from the focal point of the toy scene, for me anyway. Lighting could use a more indoor look as well, like someone already mentioned.

Great piece!

Very nice. I think the camera should pan down more to the scene and make it 2/3 scene to 1/3 background. Perhaps also do some fake lens blur and make the scene more intimate. I like the way the grass came out. Looks natural, which is hard for particle grass.

No offense to the artist, but this doesn’t do much for me. Seems to rub me the wrong way.:confused: