forgotten art!

Hey! I just found two peices of art I made in Blender that I had totally forgotten about. I made both of these like a year or two ago (more like two). What do you think? If you like them enough for wallpaper (ya right…), I have all reolutions.

And yes I know I forgot to put the lights on the closest dome…

Wow, I particularly like the first one. The tepees and the large saturn might not be the first combination that would come to mind, but it is neat.

Both look decent. Like the tepee scene.


Did you make the clouds? Could you post the settings? If they’re yours they’re very good. Looks like a smoke emitter behind the mountains. How’d you get them so big and fluffy?

Nice artwork, a shame you forgot about them

Sorry Marty_D, I no longer have the blend file, I don’t know where it went too. Anyhow, the clouds are 100% particle emiters and procederal textures.

Edit: One big particle emmiter. The ring around the planet is also a particle emmiter.