forgotten council

not much to say about this one, just wanted to creat that feeling of staring at something huge and of epic proportions, i don’t think i acheived that goal, but still:D
rendered in indigo(11 h bake:spin:)

as alays c&c welcome(just took a month break from blending)


hey i think its very nice, reminds me of the colosseum in rome:D

There’s a seam in the skydome…

An image like this could use some more dramatic lighting, work on make the lighting better and more dramatic so it looks like it deserves the epic label.

It looks good,but I agree with CD,a better lightning would make the scene a lot better.And you could place a statue or something in the middle.
Also,the architecture reminds me of Daedra buildings in TES:Oblivion(which is good :smiley: )

good points, all of you
i guess i could make a statue, and light it only from the gap in the roof
what say you? oh mighty council of blending:D