Forgotten land

This month I started experimenting with lighting and composition by rendering one image a day. The first draft of this render was completed in 2 hours. I liked the mood of the scene and I decided to work “a bit more” on adding details to it. (“a bit more” means: 3 hours on retopology + UV unwrapping + creating different masks to blend materials; 2 hours on rendering some shots + adjusting the color grading)

I made the skull last month in 1 hour for the Sculpt January Challenge;

First draft (2 hours of work):
-the difference between this one and the ones rendered after 5 more hours of adding details isn’t that big, which made me realize I have to focus first on the important aspects of the image and then, if there’s still time I can fill in the gaps.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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