"Forgotten Lightsaber"

A simple Scene I made. I’m new to the “rules” of photography and was hoping I can get some help on how I can make this simple scene into something better. Also any other input would be apreciated on how I can make this picture cooler😎 It’s rendered cycles at 200 samples using 100% Quality.

It was realistic looking. Add a little bit of rust and grime, just a little bit only. Add dust to it, try Andrew Price’s Blender Guru YouTube channel for some quick tips on how you can add quick grunge and add dust effect to the upper portion of your model.

I changed a few things, light, added little bots, and with Texture Coordinates increased the Rust to make it look more realistic and not so chunky.

it does look quite realistic. Personally the rust looks a little off. If it has eaten so far into the material it will be very red. Normaly if a tool steel has given into rust it will be a only on the surface and not distort the material too much. It tends to be make of small patches and is more red then brown. Just my 2 cents