''Forgotten Shades'' - Video project


I am blender user for not so long time (just about 7 months) and this is my first big project. It is just video gallery of my so far best pictures.
I recommend you to click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x71pn9TV9WI and watch it full screen in full HD.

Everything is done in Blender and Gimp. Rendered in Cycles.

All critics and feedbacks are welcome.

Here I add all solid viewport shots.

Firstly, there is some interesting work here.

But, the video is not much to look at. But, you can use the idea as a beginning for a cool demo-type reel. Make “Fly-by” videos. Animate the camera through the train car, around the space station and zeppelin.

You have an opportunity with blender to make these images come to life. :slight_smile: That is my favorite part of blender…and where I’m stuck in now. LOL

Good Luck

Thank you for your ideas,

maybe next time. I wanted to show all these pictures together for my friends out of blender community as well so I chose this way and on my slow computer it would take much more time to render fly-by, but I like this idea so probubly in my next project. :slight_smile: