Forgotten Sun

magical staff long forgotten…

blender 2.74


I like the orb effect and the little intricacies throughout the texturing. A nice job overall with excellent use of contrast.

I can easily see just how much you improved since you first started posting.

Very nice! I really like the scroll work / engraving on the metal. The only thing that broke believably for me is the chain link looks like it is intersecting the metal of the head of the staff. May just be a pov thing on some of the higher angle shots. Still very cool!

Really excellent model. Nice texturing and such. Keep up the good work!

^ Thanks guys!

@Ace Dragon: Yup, now I look back I still can’t believe I actually stay learning 3D for all those years, since it is such a hard subject and almost give up (many times) , but seeing your own creation come to life is such a rewarding experience tho.

It’s pretty.