Forgotten Tunes

One warm, rainy summer evening, someone abandons an MP3 player on the side of a street. It cries out to be picked up and used once more…but does anyone hear?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the image :slight_smile:


The editing one this is great. I only have a few problems.

Tthe water should be a bit deeper. Right now the water is so shallow that the ipod looks like it is floating on top.

The ripples are fine until the very last one. They go from hard (Starting at the middle) and steadily get softer but the last one switches to hard again.

There are also some slight texturing problems on the wall and the ipod’s reflectivity is a bit high and the whole ipod is a bit clean.

That bieng said it is great work and I could never pull somthing like that off so good job!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Robo, looks good. I voted for you man.

@Pirate___man: nice crit! Well delivered.

Pirate: Thank you!

The water depth, the ripples and the cleanliness of the Ipod are all intentional…used to give an abstract twist (an ipod with a mind of its own) to a somewhat realistic looking scene.

3dementia: Thanks man, glad you like it. (and thanks for the vote :D)


of course, picked up by someone who had forgotten the pain that is known as iTunes…

anyway, it’s pretty good, but it could do with less postprocessing.

Thanks Tug. About the postpro, once again, this was not intended to be a “photorealistic” render but rather a render that used realistic elements combined with abstractionism to convey an idea or emotion.