I’m still new to Blender, so this project is mainly to work on my lighting and compositional skills. I’m going for a dark underwater feel, like looking through the camera of one of those small submarines floating along the bottom of the ocean. There’s still some texture work to be done, mostly on the “eye” casing, and I’ll probably add some more junk lying around it, but I think I’ve got the atmosphere about right. Any commments/suggestions?

This looks well done. The sand is realistic. Particles in the sea look realistic. Perhaps it would look more realistic if the lighting was more bluish-green. Red is absorbed underwater.

indeed, nice feel to the scene!

red does get absorbed first (along with oranges). this process follows the spectrum on down to blue and green being absorved last. So the red and yellow wires on the eye would not be red and yellow anymore :wink:

also, the particles really add a great effect to the scene, but i would consider maybe scattering them all along the cone of the two lights? let them get smaller and more defined further out from the camera.

i also really like the light in the eye, it looks quite good.

If a light is at the bottom of the ocean with no means of electricity supply can it light up? :o

The lighting looks good though and the sand and the model. The background is streaky for some reason. I think that what would add to the sense of depth and forgottenness is if you used a volumetric effect like fog to simulate the murky depths.

we’re artists not logisticians… :wink: but newayz u should give the two lights volumetric halos… it wud give the effect of the light cone more outlined and cool looking…

red does get absorbed first (along with oranges). this process follows the spectrum on down to blue and green being absorved last

I never would’ve thought of that. Thanks!

Most of the time I’ve spent on this scene has been trying to get mist/volumetric spotlight halos to look decent. I couldn’t get a good effect with the world mist settings, so the main “murkyness” comes from a big spotlight with vol. halo above the camera. The two visible spotlights do have some amount of halo, but the cones start to noticeably interfere (creating dark lines at cone intersections) if they’re too intense. Might just be some setting somewhere. I’ll try playing with it some more when I get the chance to.

And I’m not sure about the background streakyness–I think that might be from my render settings. I’ll look into it.

can u post one with the two spotlights with the volumetric halo? I want to see what you mean…

maybe adding a fish in the background may add a better water enviroment becus it looks more of a cave than of the bottom of the ocean

You go down in the ocean far enough and it will look a lot like that. Has a real good mood to it.

I played around with lighting and colors some, making it a lot more bluish. I figured out my problem with the spotlights–I just didn’t have the distance set far enough, so the halos were ending before hitting the ground. I’m still trying to work out a few wierd things with the particles (they have “shaded” turned on so they will only show up in the spotlights, but you can still see all the non-illuminated particles as black spots). I might be able to work some of problems with GIMP if all else fails. Now I just have to find time to learn UV mapping so I can texture the eye casing, and add some more detail to the environment.

that looks really good, but y did u offset the lights? I think it looked really good with them both pointin right at it kinda

this is looking good the modeling is good and the idea is good its just the title thats says forgoton and the spotlights take that away… shit g2g bye!


maybe a little greener. more green dirt on everything, a cloud texture could make it.

Here’s another update. I finally learned UV mapping, and have been mostly trying to get the eye casing textured. Now that I know how to put a image on the thing, I have to learn how to make the image in the first place. It took me a few hours today just to make the simple image I put on this model.

is there more to the puzzle of forgotten? as this picture shows (sorry for ripping of the idea, just seemed fun) there is

Wow, I inspired someone! Thanks.
I haven’t done much to this project since my last post. Any suggestions/comments on the materials? I don’t know if I should add anything else scattered around there or not. It should be kind of a dead, empty-looking ocean floor, so I think adding anything might take away from the feel of the scene. I’m working on other projects, so I think I might call this one finished for now.

the modeling n texturing is good… i have one small thing on lighting u cud try but idk if it will work… try setting a hemi lamp with a blue-er color to give it the blue feel and then give the two spotlights a lighter blueish color so that u can still make out the brownness of the sand because i think that looked good in the first one… but that’s just me… and I still think you should have both spotlights pointing right at it… %| good pic tho like the texturing… :slight_smile: