I’ve finally got a thread all the way here! yay!

Here is a composition I’ve been working on since the start of summer, and it has come a long way. Enjoy! and feel free to crit, and artist’s work is never done :stuck_out_tongue:

its wonderful, no crits that I can think of, to me the story is “just moved in, trying to find a quiet place to write, nothing so far.”

I really like the textures and feel of this image.


WOOOOOOOOW that is wonderful! The leather seems a bit stretched thought

Carbonflux: Thats not quite it, but you’re not far from the actual story!

mynameisoscarjo: I dont see where the leather looks stretched, it looks all even to me…

I’m very pleased with how this turned out, the ONLY thing that bugs me is the specular reflection beside the typewriter… I think there should be a shadow there. Anyways, yes, this has come a long way!

One of the most obvious things I can think of to crit is the background image. The horizon out there is way higher than the interior scene implies.
Still, nice work.

Good point, I usually don’t really crit on BG images, but the horizon is a bit high…

Alright, lowered the horizon a bit, I’m really not sure whats up with the shadow >.>

Wow I’d almost “forgotten” this render…crickets ok so lame joke

Anyway I like the image, the only thing that sort out of place to me is the curve on the front of the typewriter looks a bit funky, but other than that I love the image.

hmm… It appears BA scaled down the image :frowning:

big version:

nicktechyguy: I dont really understand what you mean. Do you mean the physical front, or the front from the render’s point of view?

Nice work. I really like the lighting. One thing that stands out for me is the material on the typewriter. For an old style one, the material looks like a very clean plastic whereas I would expect a more metaillic finish to it.

Its that little bend on the case just above the keys that just seems out of place. It’s just me though I think. I look at other typewriter’s on google and some have that, but are less curvey. It’s just my opinion though. You can ignore it :wink:

Nice, Tic… the second image looks a little better, since you lowered the horizon, it’s not so “glarey” or blurry (my eyes… gah…)

The overall mood of the scene is very… contemplative, if that makes sense (call me crazy, but I’m terrible at C&C on technical stuffs… I tend to look at the completed effect of the scene. :D)

I think the lightblub in the lamp should be brighter. Other than that, good job!

an update for everybody, beveled the edge of the rolling thing, darkened the stool. I think thats about it…

I like the concept of this one, very much indeed, but there’s more work to do…

  • I never like to see “opaque black shadows” such as the ones we see on the near surface of the typewriter. That region is probably filled with pixels that are uniformly (0,0,0) where detail ought to be.
  • A real typewriter of that era does not have an adding-machine crank poking out of the right side of it, and it does have a lever that you use both to advance the paper and to reset the carriage to the left. (“How do I know?” you ask? :eek: These kids today …)
  • It was never made of plastic: it was made of solid metal, a rather hefty thing, with a fairly matte finish. There was a manufacturer’s name on the front. Surfaces were more flat … “plastic shapes” came with the era of injection-molded plastics.
  • It’s perfectly fine that the image shows itself to be “somewhat abstract,” “colored by nostalgia, sepia-tones and all…” That’s part of the effect. The “sunset” background, the accompanying long-summer-twilight tones, etc are also characteristics of this image that you do not want to lose on your way to the Gallery.

Alright, fixed it a bit, rendering.

re: #2: I’m not really sure what kind of lever it has, then :stuck_out_tongue: can you explain it a bit more?

FINALLY got my laptop to spit out a render. tried to do something for the lightbulb, make it glow. Failed on that.

I’ve attached a simple scene that has some glare in it… hopefully it helps with that part. I really do love the mood of this piece though!


glare.blend (162 KB)

Wow, it appears I have no idea how to work nodes, lol. I tried to do it with some blur nodes and got this, I guess its pretty decent, but I’ll try your way once I find time to hop on the computer again (homework’s been killing me!)