Forgotten is an image that is inspired by Andrew Price with his Grass Essentials. But of course I added something of my own. The image is a dog bowl that has been left and Forgotten. Any tips or criticism is appreciated. Render is 1080 By 1920 at 600 Samples using Sheep It

The way the image is cropped loses focus. The focal point looks lost. The DOF looks okay but could be worked on.

The material for the dog bowl doesn’t sit well in the scene, and the water reflection should really be reflecting the sky. Perhaps a hdri map or something hope that helped.

I agree with iamthewee, the dog bowl and water need more interaction with the environment. Also, one could put the name of the dog and maybe a paw print somewhere on the bowl (some people do this) to let us know it is a dog and so forth. There is too much left implied and too much ambiguity with the story behind the dog bowl. But everything else looks good :slight_smile:

I was using a sky texture but it was not interacting enough with the water so I switched it with a HDRI also played with the materials a little and moved the DOF was a little behind the bowl and now is more on the bowl itself. So look for a new image coming soon!

New image open to feed back