forgottensoul's manga (2 pic)

i have decided that i’m too noobish to start a new topic for all of my lame art! so all of my noobie works will go here!

1)Alice the beholder:

dont mind the laaaaame scan, couldnt make it better, only comment the image:

ok here is another one:

:smiley: Don’t get yourself down man! Really nice pupils and Iris you’ve got in that drawing.

updated…one more pic in the first post

ummm, ok . Here are some tips. Try having a base, something the character can stand on so he does not like it is floating. A simple line does the trick. I see you probaly draw pretty slowly, dry doing faster cleaner strokes with your pencil. Also do a faint stick figure rig or position dummy so the prespective looks a bit better. And your small details are too big. Sorry for the harsh crits but you should check out .

my small details are too big? hu? what do you mean?

and i am using polykarbon tutorials

I meant the wrincles and other things are out of proportion.