Fork Mosquito

I project started as a sketch on my sketchbook like two years ago. I modeled this almost completely back then but wasn’t talented enough to complete it the way I wanted so I dropped it. I forgot about it for a long time but when I was browsing my old .blend files I found it and decided to resurrect it with my current skillset.

Modelled in Blender with a little help of TopMod and rendered in Blender Internal.
composited and color corrected in Photoshop.

I have newer stuff too but this is my all time favorite so far and thus decided to make my introduction with it.

I also have a new short film coming up very soon! It’s now in post production. Follow me on twitter to keep posted:

love the materials and lighting, very slick. Clever idea as well. Good job!

nice idea, I loved it!

good work.

Good job! I really like the model and the materials.

Thanks everyone, I’m glad you all like it.

I managed to find some wip shots:

These were taken back when I was modeling the thing. The last image is basically where my road stopped and I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted.

I like the idea and the atmosphere :slight_smile:

Ah ah ah…i love it :smiley:

Wow! The materials are incredible! How did you create them?

Super, I love the aesthetic. The one and only thing I can see which could be improved would be the noodle material. Some SSS could really finish them off. Great job!

Thanks, I’m very happy with the materials myself. The metal material has a very subtle scratched metal texture, blurry reflections and tangent shading. But the key to the metallic look must be the reflection map/matcap mixed in.

I think the eyes have some kind of ramp shader.

Brilliant work! I love the modelling, as well as the render. Those bug eyes are really well don.

Wow! it’s very iterenstiong and crative!