Forklift pickup


Im just testing a few things out and i was wondering how would make a box stick to something. I have a forklift animation to pick up things and place them down, but it does not seem it picks up things, well it does but the box slides off…How can i make it stick?

Kinda like Wall-E

Thank you for reading. And here is my .blend just so you know.


ForklistTerrian.blend (511 KB)

First: visualize bullet physics as in real life movements. (always have in mind the engines limitations)

Second: dont make a box, make a crate or a pallet to be picked up by the forklift.( with holes under it to be picked up by the forklift fingers)

Third: make the fingers on the forklift move up or down while the forklift moves like a forklift should one wheel on back two on front.

Give this a try.:smiley:

By the way the wall-e animation on the game is different from that of the forklift thing.

parent to… would be an option

Yeah thanks for the reply but im already past “visualizing” i already experimented on numerous things. And the wall-e thing is not far at all from a forklift if you think more about it… wall-e goes towards a box…he picks it up and moves, and the box stays in his palms…like a forklift…the forklift goes to the box and picks it up and it stays on the forklift. Not much different, same physics.

You seem not to understand well on what im trying to do. I need the box to STAY on the forklift or just don’t move much when being picked up. And i did try the holes and everything before i even posted this thread, i tried numerous things. I can’t seem to get it to stay. oh yeah…and i forgot to mention that there was already an animation of a fork lift, just left click. My bad…