Forklift Simulation

I would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year.

Here is a forklift simulation which is one of many WIP going on. I was attempting to streamline a logioc brick conversion to python script. This is but one small step. The Body object contains the keyboard and controller logic brcks. Each child holds the actuators which act upon similar IPO curve data.

Each child is a control object with an identical actuator setup. I hope this makes logic brick-python translating easier.

Either way I am trying to keep file and runtime small bu reusuing IPO data but I am not sure if pastebuffer copies data sets or only modifier variables.



Ohh interesting simulation. Hehe, I never drove a fork lift before so dunno how’s it supposed to go.

Although there’s one little problem. Why does the shap of the steering wheel change?

Jason Lin

The setup is pretty faithfull to an actual forklift althouth there are many types and the controlls vary.

I updated the blend file above so that the Body will rotate when pressing “A” and “D” ( I am sure this has been done after downloading the file already :)) and I get even funnier results. It appears that the child objects are rotating around some center point that is not the object center of the body. ( The new file has the object center of the body moved to between the front wheels 8) ) The result is that the controls revolve in small circular motions as the forklift is rotated with some some strange results.

This combined with the steering wheel distortion I have not figured out … yet. This was created with 2.40 and opening in 2.37 gives similar results. This may cause issues later when I attempt to apply the steering IPO to the rear wheel empties.

My next challenge is to have this actually pick up objects without all the strange parenting or mesh swapping I have read about when animating an armature character moving a box or suitcase.

Somehow I think I will bang my head on the wall while cursing Sumo and Bullet for their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Somehow I think I will bang my head on the wall while cursing Sumo and Bullet for their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Please let me know about Bullet problems. Sumo is probably going to be removed in a couple of months…

Please report Bullet gameengine problems here:


Sumo is lighter on my PII 450Mhz system. If feel more comfortable faking it with sumo as it adds to art(animation) and understanding. Bullet kills my system .

I only lament that Sumo is not suitable for pinball simulations :frowning: . Bullet is perfect for stacking boxes with this forklift. However, while Sumo gives me control with the keyboard, I suffer major performance hits with keyboard response using Bullet.

If I add into consideration that I can select object bounds other than sphere or cube then I have died and gone to heaven if my system can handle it! %|

I will retest my observations previouslly noted here and edit accordingly.