Formation Flying

Dock model created in 2 days, spaceship models are last weeks project. Entire scene rendered in cycles with some editing done in Gimp. 410K polys, but an awful lot of Ngons. It’s practically the realm of the Ngons.

It is a little sparse on the detail that would indicate this is a dock (there’s no walkways for instance or anything that would allow stuff to be loaded onto a ship). In addition, the background could use something, even some clouds would do.

Also, it looks like you didn’t give enough samples for the denoiser to work with (as there are some abrupt changes in lighting in areas where shadows wouldn’t have been a factor).

The base for a good image is there, it just needs a bit more built on top of it.

This has potential, but you should light this using an hdr and add a background for the sky. All this needs really is some more realistic and dramatic lighting.