Formats to import?

Anyone got any idea why I only can import VRML DXF or STL files? And can or will blender be able to import 3ds format?

Probably you are missing some scripts.
Go back to and download the archive .zip (I am assuming you use Windows ?).

Thanks alot, now I found a better engine to work with.

blender2crystal blender2crystal lets you export to Crystal Space ( directly. It even lets you run Crystal directly from blender.

And I guess I’l have to redownload blender, btw can blender import 3ds files? And if it can’t, are there any converts that you know of that can convert 3ds into a blender format file?


Yup, Blender imports 3DS files. File -> Import -> 3D Studio.

Those scripts are part of the Blender bundle. If you don’t see them, your paths may be set to the wrong location.

Great news pal!:eyebrowlift2:

The only options i have for import/export are VRML DXF or STL too. I used the 2.48a windows installer. how do i change the paths to correct this?

Never mind, fixed this by adding the scripts folder from a 2.45 install. Any reason that this folder wasnt added with the 2.48a installer?