Former Apple Employee Says They Are Slaves, Sues

Former Apple Employee Says They Are Slaves, Sues

The comments on the site makes it look like he was just wanting to find a way to sue.

People want to make a quick buck.

Besides, if anything, MobileMe’s launch made it clear Apple’s network engineers should be working more, not less.

Or Apple could have hired enough people to do the job, or they could have waited until the product was ready to launch. The buck stops with the guys at the top, not the peons at the bottom.

I suppose some employees over the world are watching the apple employee actions against the employer with some anticipation.

Funny, Apple’s customers are slaves too. :yes:

yup. Though I have seen quite a few who were just plain stupid (no offense, I also know some who are neither slaves, nor stupid).

i’ve worked in an environment similar to his… we didn’t have enough employees so we had to do the job of like 3 different people and stay from 7am till 9 or 10 pm… it was hellish, i know how he feels