Former Modo users. What are your essential AddOns?

I’m looking at a lot of addons. Boxcutter i think is a must, but i have NO clue about good radial arrays in blender. Modo has really awesome radial arrays. but this is just one thing i’m trying to find a solution for. Would you mind sharing any kick ass addons as someone coming from modo. modo DOES have amazing tools but i am leaving it for blender, just need to find certain tools to keep my workflow snappy.

Please share anything that reminds you of modo functions, or something just kick ass. really appreciate sharing your thoughts.

I’ve never used Modo, but a lot of people swear by HardOps. It’s pretty handy for Boolean modeling. If you’re doing a lot of stuff with HardOps and BoxCutter, then Quad Remesher is probably a good idea.

Some of my favorites:

  • Wonder Mesh (so that you can modify your primitive geometry at any point rather than just after creation, plus these modifications can be animated).

  • Real Sky (lots of value here if you’re doing exterior environments).

  • Simplebake (makes baking for Unity and such very easy).

  • UV Packmaster for UV work.

There are more, of course. If you’re working with fluids a lot and if you have a beefy system, I’ve heard that FlipFluids is nice to have. If you need a tree library, Botaniq or Real Trees are time-savers. Extreme PBR Combo might help you if you want a quick material asset library. Graswald is a pretty standard asset source for grassy terrain, though Real Grass is good too. I just heard about Scene City and I’m practically drooling over it. So many nice add ons for Blender. Just one more reason to love it. :slight_smile: