Formes Abstraites, Blender tuto motion graphics // IK3D

Hi guys,
Find here my last tutorial (motion graphics in blender) for beginner.

Page :

Hi Issanou,

Thanks for this tutorial, very interesting!
I’m starting to discover Blender, I never thought it could be used to produce motion graphics like that.

If I dare two comments:

  • Maybe warn people you tuts are in French, sadly not everybody speak that language :wink:
  • My second comment actually applies to most tutorials I’ve seen so far, not just you: try to explain more why you do things instead of what you’re doing (we can see that on screen)
    Apart from that, it’s a very good tutorial, especially the rhythm: fast enough so it’s not boring, not too slow so we can follow along.

Keep up the good work,
thanks again!