Forming to a Shape

I wonder if there is someone who could help me with a problem. I’m trying to bend a material around a form. I have tried shapekeys, bend modifier, and hook modifier. With all of these I can get a result but not a realistic one. The medium being bent stretches when in reality it should bend around the form and essentially retain it’s length, apart from that lost around the bend, which is a small amount. The material I’m using is vinyl at approx. 4mm thick. I’ve been using a plane to bend with a solidify modifier to create the thickness. If anyone can help me create a realistic representation of what I’m attempting to do for my upcoming presentation, it would be much appreciated. (Please see my crude GIF animation attached)

Thank you,

if this is what you mean, I’m sending a blend file.
please let me know if you ahve any trobules or if you use different blender version
bending plane.blend (624.9 KB)

Thank you
I’ll have a look.

It does look like the result I need.


Thank you very much for your kind reply and for supplying me with your blend file.
I will study it to see if I can understand how it works, and apply it to my presentation project.

Again, thank you very much.