Formula 1 assembly

Hello blendernuts! :evilgrin:
I aim to model the RB6 F1 car by the end of this month and so I have started with the wheel assembly.
So far I have the wheel and brake caliper built which is a start non-the-less.
Here are the pics.

Obviously not completely detailed but I don’t aim to model everything under a one-man job so this is good for now :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think?

I can show normal and texture maps including wireframes too.
I am considering releasing the completed models for free to the blender public at some point!

nice start there, are those RAYS wheels? i like the blistered effect you have on the tyre how did you do it was it normal mapping? or displacement?

I found an Image of an F1 tire on the internet and cropped a segment of the tire to use in photoshop. I then just edited it and tiled it over and over till I had a long enough strip for the tire. I then used the Nvidia photoshop tools to generate a normal map from the image which I then used on the UV layout :eyebrowlift: