Formula 1 Wheels (1991) - WIP


This is part of an ongoing project I’ve been working on and off with for some time now. Thought I share my progress here as an incentive to complete it within some reasonable time. The tires is just part of the bigger project, an McLaren MP4/6.

Hope you like it, feedback is welcome.

Added some details to the tyre sidewall, since this is like the third rebuild, I already had most of the basic outlines ready, just had to shrinkwrap it to the mesh and then extrude it.

That looks really nice!

Can I see a close-up of the mesh where you attached the embossing?

Thanks Anthony!

With the risk of making you disappointed, the embossing is not integrated with the tyre mesh I’m afraid. It would take to much time, with to many vertices, to do. So I just use the shrinkwrap modifier with a small negative offset so the outline is placed just inside the tire mesh, then extrudes it back through the mesh.

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Okay, I see. I did the same thing for my object.

When you apply the same normal/bump map to both objects, you won’t notice from even as close as in your image, so why not, right?

Bro thats sick! Can I ask where you got those letters for the tire? Because I’m making a NASCAR tire and I cant find super great things to use.

Thanks! I did most of the lettering myself in Inkscape from various reference photos found online. The “Only for racing use” and “Made in U.S.A” text is the exception I think, for that I just used a good enough font, but I’m thinking of redoing it because it’s not entirely correct. I prefer to do that type of work in Inkscape since I haven’t really got to grips with the bezier curves in Blender yet. And then import them into Blender, convert them to meshes and of course spend some time cleaning those meshes up a bit.

Ah I understand. Well thats alright! Great Job Mate!

Started with texturing, made the bumpmap for the tyre sidewall and some wear and tear on the rim. Most of the texturing will be procedural shaders.

Are these soft, medium or hard tyres. If they are medium or hard, then you forget the treads. If they are soft tyres then good job.:+1:

Thanks! Are you sure they used different compounds in the 90’s? I was under the impression they only had one compound. None of my reference photos shows any indication or markings that there where different compounds.

Added some dirt and scratches to the tyre sidewalls and reduced the wear on the rim a bit.

I’m sure they had wet tyres; i may be wrong/

Yes, they had wet tyres as well of course. :slight_smile:

Added some more dirt and wear to the tyre tread.

Progress, added the only image texture at this stage to get some color to various markings and made some minor tweaks to the dirt.

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Really like how you shaded the face of the tire which go on the road ! Nice job

Yes it turned out rather good, thanks!

Some minor tweaks to the rear wheel, more prominent scuff marks for example. And made the front wheel as well.