formula for Lat/Lon to XY

Hi All,
please does anybody know a formula for converting lat/lon to XY coordinates? The ting is that I would like to import to Blender some objects but I have only their lat/lon. I could not find anything on the web.

Thank you in advance…

Would this help?

There are actually lots of ways to do it, depending on how you want the resulting projection to be distorted, but the Mercator projection method is the most common, for maps at least.

,…yes this I have found also, but I can not get the formula behind the calculation.

I think Mercator projection is lat/lon to 2D Cartesian conversion. Since you mention that you have object coords in lat/long you might be speaking about conversion to 3D Cartesian. In that case you might look at spherical coords to cartesian coords conversion here:
Azimuth would be your long and inclination - lat.
I have implemented spherical/cartesian conversion in one of my pyscripts if you need it.

thanks,. I´m also planning to use in python scripts. Basically I need it only 2D (X,Y)

Should have read the thread title more thoroughly.

In case your lat/long describes object position on a sphere and you want to project those onto the plane, then you should use Mercator (as ben posted) or similar projection.