Forsatio Yachts YD-41

Hi there! Some project done a month ago for Forsatio Yachts

C&C most welcome


very nice picture!
did you do it entirely with blender?

Job well done, the render is totally awesome, congrats!

How do people do things like this?!? I really wish there was more tutorials for projects like this…

no, just boat :smiley: every other thing is photoshop.

[QUOTE=adrian.slusarek;3056696][/QUOTE] Hi, and congratulations for the model, I visited the website, and I have a question, on the site, I saw the Blender’s screen with boat, has been used Blender only for rendering or also at design time?

I have done several boat’s hulls that I exported into FreeShip to calculate the various parameters, and I started designing with Blender.

Hi, blender was used only for renderings ;]

Hi! Great job! All boats of website have been created in blender?

Niiiiiiiiice :slight_smile: The integration with the photographic elements is very good.