Fortress WIP

First of all, I seek constructive criticism, but do keep in mind that a lot of things are as of yet beyond me. I recently found the use of stencils.BEHOLD!

I’m working on adding a stronghold in the bowl-like area, and maybe a couple outlooks in the ridge-line. Any texturing info would help. I do want to know how to apply a texture to a face OTHER THAN THE NORMAL XY. I want to be able to apply it to the Z axis without having to slope the face/s like i did to the wall.


Fortress.blend (492 KB)

About the texture questions - Sorry, I’m bad at that so I can’t help a lot :slight_smile:
About the thing in general - maybe you can spice things up a bit? I mean at the moment the terrain is pretty post :slight_smile:
Another thing is that you need to rotate the texture of the stone walls 90 degrees on the… I guess Y axis… And maybe set the repeat to 4 or something (after all the blocks are too big and give a weird sense of scale)… And get a bump/normal map going :slight_smile:

maybe, but I’m absolutely unsure, what you’re trying to do is to use the texture either in global coordinates or, based on an object…
both are options in the third tab of the texture pannel. If global doesn’t work for you, try to create an Empty, name it as you want (default would be “Empty”, d’uh) and then set your texture on the mountains to object and fill in “Empty” or what ever you called it. Then move, scale and rotate the empty to control the texture…

Though, I pretty much guess, as long as you don’t actually have a full 3D-texture of a mountain, you wont get away with using this but rather need to UV-map and tweak until everything works…

Well, I know NOTHING of bumpmaps except how they work. I can’t make them, and I can’t use them. I’m only just learning textures and stencils.The scale of the blocks seems a good thing. I had been up til 4:00 on my PC when I rendered that.

I’ll try those options and see what happens.

Thanks all, gonna try to update it later.

Pha… 4AM late night posting… we’re similar :slight_smile:
About the bump maps - if you know how they work just get your stone blocks picture into GIMP or something and modify it for bump… It’s fairly easy :slight_smile:

here you have a video-tut on normalmaps

bumpmaps are even simpler than this :wink:

Wow… Didn’t finish it all, but that guy is interesting. GREAT with textures… not so great with meshes. But then you got people like me…

I’ll watch that tomorrow and try to make use. One tip though:

In GIMP, go to Filters->Maps->Make Seamless. Some things don’t work so well, but for textures it’s usallly fine. :smiley:

Hey guys, random question. Can someone give me the coding to give a camera a WASD and mouse ability? That way I could look at the mesh to scale and get a better idea of what to change/add.