Forum age test (what's your age?)

following up the “Artist - do you drink?” it would be interesting to see
how old you guys/gals are. The reason I’d ask…is simple: We all change
with age, our drinking habits too. Some people start young, others (like me)
start when we’re almost getting too old, so …on a follow up to that
test, please tick that age that’s closest to you.


Please do a search before you post these topics. This one has been done multiple times.

Not to be an ass, just that this gets redundant.


I am an old fart and as always… I will not say my age untill I see that someone is older than me … And also this topic has been done 10000000000 times… and I’m not getting any younger either…

If you read my text then this “age” test is sort of in conjunction with
my “alcohol” test. It would be relevant for the members currently
active NOW…the forum audience changes over time.

One year later - different audience? Only way to know.

I turn 16 next month, so for the sake of technical terms I voted for the slot that ended with 15

im 14 will be 15 in march

Still the answers are the same … so what’s the difference…

I’m 13, I will be 14 on Nov 2.

I chose the 18-21 slot, even though I could have chosen the 16-18 one, its just I feel so much wiser putting my self in the seemingly older age group (and either one would be correct) :stuck_out_tongue:

Feels good doesn’t it? :smiley:

not again! 18!

Lol I feel old, I went 20 this year and I which I was 8, because the time is going sooo fast when you’re 18 and older. I hardly have sparetime and the days are rushing (except days on my work, only at home the time is flying)

If someone comes to me and says: “I can make you younger again for 1 time, what age do you want to be?” I’ll say: “8” Because that’s the age you start learning complicated things, and I would learn things I didn’t did when I was 8. I got my first pc when I was 13/14 which was only good for text editing. Around that time I also created pixelart isometric things in paint :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I was 8 again. :smiley:

I’ll be 18 in September 25th, so that would be… next week!

Happy birthday Sily, well just in case I forget to tell you then. :smiley:
age of 18 means in holland, Driving lessons :stuck_out_tongue: I really enjoyed those lessons. :slight_smile:

i’m 23 and this question has been done many many many times before… so like… STOP IT! haha

15, 16 in january. And yes, this has been done MANY times, I think just last month actualy.

He probably just forgot he put 18 two times when he made the poll

These kind of thread are redefining the word “recurant”…


I’m 24

Thank you very much, JD-multi!
Same thing here in Finland. I’m having fun driving a car. I just hope that I pass the tests and get da licence! :smiley:

And Martin, the word’s “recurrent”.