Forum & Blender Newbie - 1st ever blend (sort of) ......

Hello Everybody,

this is my first ever post & first ever “project”.

I have followed some tutorials in the past with an earlier version of Blender, and gave up …
But now I’m back with a new PC and a new determination to crack Blender.
My ambition is to create Photo realistic Blends…I’m a long way off if this project is anything to go by…

I’d welcome any constructive criticism, help, advice, tips or comments.


Things I am trying to get my head around …

Mesh Modelling in general
Colour & Textures - shiny, reflective metal in particular
UV Mapping …I want to map the watch face from The Gimp (oh yeah another program I am self teaching badly :stuck_out_tongue: )

Don Corleone

ps Did I get the picture posting thing right ?

first learn to post images. press thr little url button then paste yor link then press url* again.better yet go to your image press copy image location.then press img button paste your image then press img* again.
As for your image download Yafray.thats what i use most of the time. all though it has its limitations it works great.


Lets you post a link:-

The image is a really good start. The face material looks right so far although the hands look a little thin. Keep going.


Thanks for this JEDIJAPAN, just what I needed.I have heard of Yafray - but I know less about that than Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the encouragement SONIX

Thats better - any comments welcome …

Not bad, but please make the background black, cause that blure and black gradient makes me want to pull my hair out :smiley: . I’m guessing it’s going to be a gold watch? Not a bad start though, keep up the good work.

Yeah background is rubbish.
The “Gold” Bezel is hopefully going to be chrome-llike. The other material is a duller brushed steel like material.
Both of these materials are used in the strap.

I’m not happy with the bezel yet.

Will post an update soon…

Thanks for the response.

I’M IN TROUBLE … Help please…

Somehow I have got my Front Side & Top views all rotated so that they no longer show Orthographic projections.

How do I rotate them all accurately so that they appear correct in each view.

I have done this using mouse wheel, but they are not quite square oon to the view.

Press 5 in the numpad to switch between Perspective/Orthographic views, then use the other keys to get the appropiate angles.