Forum Category "Newbies / First Renders"

In many web communities, there are a couple of sure way to get flamed: ask a question that is addressed in the documentation (usually on page two, in bold caps), or post the first thing you made with whatever program is the subject of the forum. It looks like the WIP forum has its share of this kind of flaming. I think the problem won’t ever go away because Blender is constantly attracting new users. New users want to join the community and the only way they can do that is by sharing their first renders and asking well documented questions. So I want to suggest a Newbie forum. It would be a place for first renders and easy questions, and it would allow the community of new users to help each other learn Blender.

Those posting first works are usually stating it, which is fine, and those flaming are usually wrong in doing so.

I’m not sure splitting the forum would be of real help :slight_smile:


Okay, glad to know that the official attitude here is welcoming to newbies. :o

Dont let the flame of a few get you mad… as far as ive seen the ones who were starting all that anti newbie stuff were newish to the forum.

I’ve increasingly thought that a “newbie questions” section would be a good idea - a sort of Blender nursery! Being flamed is unlikely to be helpful or encourage people.

Newbie questions can often be answered in the documentation (like you say, on page 2 in bold capitals) or by looking on Google or by reading threads in the Blender General or searching Elysiun threads, or checking out some of the sticky tutorial threads… etc etc.

However, sometimes when people are starting out they need to know which is the best place to look in amongst this enormous amount of information or get a specific answer to a specific question. I used to use the FAQs (which is potentially an excellent resource) but when I last looked it appeared to be outdated. This is a great pity.

Most of the time the responses are pretty tolerant. With regard to finished projects, the criticism seems to adapt to the experience of the user. Inexperiences users get more of a pass on details unless the attitude is “check out this photo realistic render”, “this is a good as xxx posts”, “this is Final Fantasy quality”, etc.

For questions, a lot depends on the attitude of the person asking. The post that starts, “this interface is crap, xxx is so much better, i’ve been trying to use Blender for 1 hour and can’t figure out how to do …” will probably get flamed. The post that starts out. “Wow, this is cool, i downloaded the manual, but can’t figure out the terms, can someone give me a suggestion to get started?” will get some nice posts.

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