Forum Gallery annoyance

Ok, if this is just because of not having enough time, I totally understand but where are all the great pieces of work that were done ages ago? I still don’t see any of Sago’s, Robertt’s, Basse’s, Speedtiti’s, endi’s work in there. Even Venomgfx’s work comprises a start image for a game. Where’s Zanno the carrot and the Shark image ( )? Where are the images from the gallery? Do you mods need some help to find the threads again because I’m sure we could all find our favourites and post them.

I read in the sticky of finished projects to use the thread ratings tool but some of the older threads don’t have the votes yet. Maybe we could use this thread to suggest older pieces that the community should vote for.

I mean c’mon guys, things like this:

should be in there. Give these artists the credit/recognition they deserve.

I agree. Its a great idea. But it would require mods to shift through all the posts in the last few years for the best works. It will take time but it should be doable in a month or so.
I dont like the gallery that much since you have to go into each thread to see each picture. I believe it would be better if you had some sort of thread with a thumbnail or each of them and clicking on the picture would send you to the thread…but thats just my 2 cents on organisation.

Yeah, I hope old well know works get added on day too

+1 to this idea

I like the idea. I think community should be able to propose golden oldies to be added to the gallery.

I agree also, but as Edeehem stated, it will take time to go through everything, and unfortunatley, some of us actually work for a living and don’t have a whole lot of free time.

I will be getting started on this soon though. As I totally agree with you. A lot of stuff has been moved, though not all of it.

Once Timothy gets back from his extended vacation, the thumbnail situation should be resolved as well.


yea i havent seen anything new added to the galery, and i didnt even see that “self made man” but dang thats nise

Of course, which is why this thread was partly about whether or not the community could help in that respect by suggesting favourite pieces to add. What if we went through the threads and voted for pieces then you could list by rating? Would that actually help or would you still feel obliged to go through them manually anyway?

The trouble with the ratings system that I see is it doesn’t take into account popularity. If an image gets 5 stars by 120 people and another gets 5 stars by 5 people then they will be listed the same right? Or does the listing by rating put them in rank of stars and then by number of votes?

Where are all the mods and admins btw: Dittohead, Alltaken, Theeth, S68… I hardly ever see them round here any more? I know some of them have to work for a living but so do I and I still manage to drop by now and again.

About the thumbnails btw, do they only work for attachments or would they work for every thread? Again, that’s maybe somewhere the community could help out by generating thumbnails for you and different people could take a range of threads.

Seriously, for anything you mods decide you’d need, just ask. I’m sure the community would rather help out than expect people with other priorities to do it. It’s the same with Blender, the community wants certain features but they have to wait for the devs. Whereas if the community had a way of helping (e.g through extensible APIs) then the load is stretched much wider. That way not only do people see improvements but they feel they were a part of it and I think that’s the definition of what a community is about.

Exactly, that’s the situation I want to avoid. There is some really good stuff here and it risks getting overlooked.

I am trying to update the gallery section continuously. If a thread has 4+ stars, I look at the number of posts in that thread and base my decision on moving it based on the quality of the work, first and foremost. THen, the number of posts in the thread also has a bearing on whether it gets moved as well.

Now, afaik, the rating system is based on the number of people who have rated the thread. So yes, if only 5 people have rated the thread, then it will be an average of those 5 ratings, or the same as if 100+ people rated it.

The only thing that I tend to disagree about having forum mebmers go though and rate older threads is that this would rsult in a lot of thread bumping, and a lot of the older threads do not even contain images anymore.

Please let us go through these items and we will get it taken care of. Just bear with us. :slight_smile:


No problem, I see the gallery has some good ones added already that I hadn’t even seen - Sago’s god statue for one, lol. Thank you BgDM.

OMG, you’re not kidding. Well, there goes the neighbourhood…

Some suggestions if I may:

Some of mine (I know, this is not my modest moment, but at least they show I’m capable of making much more than just sculptures of big erections):

God, I’m such a pathetic loser. haha

Keep on rocking boys and girls,

Good suggestions Sago.

I would also like to ask that this one be put there:

A lot of the images I see in the gallery are technically well done but aren’t all that artistic. The concept in the above image is brilliant IMO. In fact, one of the best concepts I’ve seen in a very long time.

Another one I liked was the image that was done in a WC contest ages ago - the icy poju. It was an eskimo set against a sunset drilling the ice with footprints leading to the spot.