Forum gallery updated at last but wtf!

At long last an image made into the gallery after a year or so of nothing, we should be happy, right. More like kick in the balls for those who make awesome images/renders and never got in there.

Who ever (mod) put in that crap in the gallery puts blender community in shame. Should that be our showcase of blender.

this should be a community based voting system and users should have personal galleries

more fair
less work to maintain
better to present the community art work

Hmmmm does it say anywhere who put it in the gallery? i tried to find out but can’t seem to see anything?

If you guys can start a thread or send me a PM with a list of works you think should be in the gallery I will try to update a huge amount next month.

I agree that a community system would work well, we already have a voting system. I’m not sure how easy it is to set something up or if it already exists.

Perhaps put some nominations in this thread, I have one from Modron already which is:


I think that weekend challenges should be made monthly.
Even better, once every three months.
They should be big events and the moderators/administrators must act like they are important.

This will mean there are loads of quality entries, just like F1 comp or BWC,
and the forum gets to create its own gallery content.
this is just one of the improvements i think this site needs.

As for gallery suggestion, just scroll 50 through pages of finished projects and check all the 5* works.


You can’t possibly expect for a moderator and look through every single render that someone nominates. How about just keep doing what you’re doing and if you get into the gallery then good for you. If you don’t, oh well.

Maybe it would work well if all four- or five-star renders went in there automatically? I wonder if Goofster could rig up something like that.

PS - ‘Twasn’t me, offisa! I ain’t done nothin’!

i like that idea! but it’d probably be easy for someone to exploit this system with a few accounts

lighten up, so it wasn’t updated in a while. we’re only human.

I added the last stuff. I usually follow the stars 5 stars often are moved to the gallery) but that isn’t a hard set rule either.

automatically moving the posts would cause more problems than it would fix since posts must use attachments and not external hosters. We have to change that manually most of the times.

I don’t want some kind of elitist gallery where you are only accepted if you worked at pixar for 20 years. It’s just a showcase of artwork.


To annoyed to respond to your post in a normal manner.

Hang in there bigbutt - leadership is an action not a work. The time to repair the gallery is when the sun is shinning.

a monthly poll for members?

Goofster, what if it was automatic but also reported any thread that didn’t have attachments?

If there was an automated system for moving work to the gallery it would have to be that the artwork would either have to remain at 4-5 stars for a certain number of votes or there must be a great enough percentage of votes that were 4-5 stars.

Bigbad: You realize that work isn’t placed in the gallery based on your personal opinion alone right?

Yes. That’s what we are figuring out right now on this thread. An solution. Because it is just ridiculous what’s going on with the gallery right now.

Also some stuff is unclear. If it’s made in zbrush and rendered in blender or made in blender and rendered in 3d Max. Is it still a blender piece. Is the gallery supposed to blender only or what? It’s a very foggy area.

There has been stuff over time that made to Lux,Indigo and Yafaray galleries, where the bar is much higher than here.

It was posted here but never made it to the gallery.
Even right now on the first page theres “The Machinist” (which is BI, i think), “Bottles” (in lux gallery now)

You might say that a simple realistic scene only shows off the external renderer, but I disagree.
Anything that is good should be included in the gallery, or else this site should make that clear.