Forum issue

Allo. Sorry, didn’t notice this forum before I posted to the other.

So I’m having an issue where I seem to be logged out, and then back in periodically, while browsing the forums, which re-sets my login time, and marks all sorts of stuff as read, that I haven’t read yet. Someone mentioned hitting the ‘remember me’ box - it is/has been checked the whole time. The problem seems to be a session timeout of some sort - which is a tad annoying if I go browse an extrernal link that takes more than a few minutes to read. Is there any way to bump the timeout up a little, or am I just on the wrong track here entirely?


thats an issue with ur browser maybe

check to see that in the options you dont have auto refresh on
couze these forums consist of “sesions” that expire and mark things read/unread

basicaly a sesion is a SQL line that identifies who is loged in, for how long and what ever else the admin adds to it (such as the read/unread)

As far as I know, FF doesn’t have an auto-refresh feature by default - random Googling only turned up plugins that make that happen. I just upgraded to FF 2.0, and not really sure if it’s had any impact on the problem at hand. I do suspect that one of the plugins I had installed had the side effect of auto-refreshing inactive tabs - didn’t say so in the documentation, and there was no setting to turn it off, but it did seem to be doing so - it’s also possible that the pages the inactive tabs were on were triggering refreshes themselves though. I’m wondering if it’s possibly just a site navigation issue - i.e. hitting ‘back’ in the browser as opposed to the page, etc. I’ll keep poking at it, but if anyone has any thoughts, I’m all ears.


The timeout period for the forum does seem a bit short to me. If I read a long post, and try a couple suggestions, I usually am logged out by the time I’m ready to reply. Wish there were a setting for the timeout value in the User CP or something.

Holy old thread revival, Batman!

Fats Tatum, check the last post date before making a new one…and checking ‘Remember me’ when you log in should solve your problem.

Hey, nothing wrong with posting on an old thread! :slight_smile:

I suppose I could give the remember me button a shot - I try to avoid them so I don’t forget all my passwords, but I can always “email me a new one” I guess.