Forum needs your contribution: Sticky reorganization - Game Engine Resouces Forum

Hi all,

The BA forum needs your opinion!

I want to reorganize the stickies at the Game Engine Resources forum.

By now we have 9 stickies filling up nearly a complete page (at least in my browser window).
I think it is time for a reorganization. For that I want YOUR input.

The idea is to keep the stickies as small as possible. Without loosing fast access to important and often used information.

These are the stickies we have:

  • Where to start BGE Python
  • GameBlender developer tools
  • be a blender GE pro now !!
  • Game Engine Resources Threads Overview at
  • BA Free Script Repository
  • BZoo: Network Gaming with Blender
  • Demystifying the Art of Video Games - By Brandon Phoenix, 3/24/2008
  • File/Image Uploading Tools
  • READ FIRST: About the Resources Forum
    READ First will remain sticky. This is a moderator decision there will be no change on that.

Here is my opinion:
we could get one thread for:

  • beginners = where to start

  • overview to the threads = overview thread

  • tools and helpers = GameBlender developer tools (maybe integrated with Uploading Tools) thread

  • guideline = with links to “be a GE pro…” and “Demystifying…”

  • tutorials = there is no sticky - it is for whatever reason in the WIP forum (and not uptodate). As an option I could prepare a tutorial section at the wiki as well, linking to the tutorial threads.

What do you think?
Do you have other ideas?
Do you want to see other content as sticky?

Please keep in mind, I want the sticky list as small as possible

Hmm, I don’t know if adding sub forums to the sub-forum would over crowd the game engine section!
Otherwise, I’d go with what you propose.

A suggestion : if you can come up with “beginners = where to start”, it will surely help those who need… :yes:

I like very much the forums that uses the sticky threads as index for the other important threads…
Something like this (yes, it’s italian, but look at it just to see how it is built)

In this way you can have the different important threads divided into categories, so you will have just 3/4 sticky threads with the links to important threads
BA script repository

and in the beginner threads you will punt the index to all the important threads about beginning, and so on…
I find it really usefull

Nobody else with an opinion?

I think we should strive to have no more than four stickies total, otherwise it defeats the purpose of pruning the stickies at all.

I’d suggest:
-Useful Resources

Also I should note that sub-forums are not an option. Moderators don’t have the power to make those and the only person who does would probably take half a year to do it, if ever.

The stickies at the Game Engine Resource forum are reorganized.
I hope you enjoy the short list now.