Forum Post ordering

(HpyGoCrazy) #1


Can you have an option that users can set in their profile that will let them sort the order of the posts. Personally I like the way the old Blender forum worked, the newest posts go to the top. I don’t really like the way these forums work in that any post is a new post even if its a reply and thus sending that topic to the top. It makes it harder to find the new posts that I haven’t gotten to read. I know there are a lot of people who like the way the forum works now so that’s why I asked to have an option that we can set in our profile to set the ordering. I’m not sure how you have your database tables setup so I don’t know if it is possible but if you have a field that stores the original post date then this shouldn’t be too hard to do. As far as I can guess you have to do a query to bring up the posts so you could instead make the query dynamic and pull the ordering from a variable. If there is a person who wants to view the forum and doesn’t have a username then you could have a default ordering. And to me the pictures of the folders don’t tell me which post is newer.